Dr Sena

lek. med. Sainjargal Byambasuren (dr SENA)

The traditional Medicine of the East is thousands years old. It has survived for so long thanks to its enormous effectiveness as well as virtually lack of any side effects of the therapies. It resorts to the natural forms of healing and makes use of drugs of organic rather than chemicals origins. However, it does not denounce the conventional medicine. 

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About us

In our diagnosing and healing we combine the ancient traditions and experiences of the Eastern medicine with the scientific and technological achievements of the classic medicine. Acupuncture and other verified methods of healing used in the Eastern medicine are perfect supplements (and even replacements) for the classic treatment based on drugs. The European and Eastern methods cooperate and lead to one goal: healing the patient. Their combination enhances the chances for proper diagnosing and ultimate healing.

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Patients' opinions

  • I was recommended Eastmed by a friends whose husband had been treated for issues with his prostate. After years of problems and no solution offered by traditional medicine I decided to try for myself.
    I am delighted with the results which saw my prostate reduce to normal size from double within 12 months. Something my regular doctor told me was unlikely to ever happen.

    The pain and other symptoms passed withing a few months and the side benefit of acupuncture was to address other things mainly stress related. My headaches have gone and after the treatments it feels like my whole body is in balance. Inow return for annual treatments to reset and highly recommended to everyone

    Best Regards Ian Booth   


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