Auriculotherapy - acupuncture of the ear

Acupuncture of the ear was first described in the ancient China book on acupuncture „Huandi Nejdzin" from 246 BC. In ancient Greece and Egypt it was also noticed that some symptoms of the internal diseases can be represented by the painful points on the earlobe. Hippocrates wrote about a method of healing which involved stabbing certain spots on the ear or letting some blood from the back of the ear. The anatonomy of the ear has a shape which resembles a child in the mother's womb. The points on the earlobe , which are connected with the internal organs, can be easier to find if we imagine a folded in the womb child. Scientists claim that this can be connected to the fact that various parts of the ear evolved embriogenetically from other embriogenetic elemetns. An ear is one of the most densely nerved parts of the body. It is nerved by 5 different nerves, such as trigeminal V nerve, C2-C3 nerves, nerve X, which goes through all the internal organs, tongue and throat nerve IX and facial nerve VII. The points located on the ear are used not only for acupuncture. They are also often subject to laser treatment, electroimpulses or magnetic fields. The massage of the ear is also practiced. New method of diagnosing by the analysis of the ear's shape has come into being. Auriculotherapy is used as a boost for healing various diseases, mainly neurosis and headaches. It is also applied in the cases of weakened immune system. Auriculotherapy is particularly praised by the overweight people. Due to the constant activeness (a small, invisible needle can be carried in the ear for some days not affecting the every day functioning) and stimulation of certain points, the apetite can be significantly limited. Auriculotherapy is also used in the anti-nicotine treatment. In our Room we use also micracupuncture of the ear for those people who have contraindications for the general acupuncture