Eastern medicine as part of the natural medicine is much recognised for thousands of years as the methods that are used to treat various diseases and ailments. One of the most important and the most effective methods is acupuncture, which is used for thousands of years mainly in Asia and Europe. Many carried toward her studies gave promising results, which meant that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised acupuncture as an effective method of healing many diseases, including the elimination of pains of various origins.

In our study Eastern medicine is also represented by acupuncture. We offer professional treatments that are carried out by qualified professionals in the field. We have prepared a relaxing environment for treatments to be always pleasant. For complete satisfaction and safety of our customers, we use only disposable needles that are certified in Poland and the European Union.

How does acupuncture work?
Mainly the effect of acupuncture is based on the theory that the human body has its own vital energy defined as bioelectricity, which in a healthy body flows along 12 main energy channels (meridians) and 8 additional to all the internal organs.

If the energy flow is disrupted, then it causes pain and disorders of various kinds. Acupuncture helps to unblock the flow of energy. It allows you to strengthen your immune system and activate the meridians that bind the human body shell with the interior of the body and thus it is possible to reach all organs. Piercing disposable stainless steel needles into points on the human body located along meridians restores the flow of energy and results in eradication of the disease through the body. These points are closely related to specific diseases, therefore, must be carefully chosen by the person performing the procedure. After a series of treatments it is possible to balance the flow of energy and the body begins to run back smoothly.

However, from a scientific point of view, the use of needles activates blood circulation in the capillaries, which means it works analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Cells begin to work harder, release toxins, free radicals and the body is thereby induced to fight ailments that quickly disappear. Impulses caused by the puncture stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic, or through the central nervous system, acupuncture affects various human organs.

Is the treatment painful?
The very act of piercing needles in the body is not painful. The needles are thin and therefore the patient may feel only a slight tingling in the place in which they are driven. It also means that the needle has entered the right place. After the insertion of needles the patient relaxes in the recumbent position and in no way is it painful for him or uncomfortable experience. The treatment may be accompanied by relaxing music, which is why the use of acupuncture regularly also has a positive impact on hectic and stressed people that seek relaxation.

Number of used needles is depends on the affliction and the treating style of the acupuncturist. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes and to achieve visible improvement it is necessary to take advantage of 10-15 treatments taken 2-3 times a week. The number and frequency of treatments are negotiated individually with your doctor. During the first visit, the doctor makes a diagnosis on which the treatment is based on.

It is worth remembering that, although after a few sessions you may feel relief, it is not recommended to end the acupuncture sessions early. Typically, patients who do not benefit from all the treatments prescribed by the doctor, return to the office with complaints, so it's best to go the full course of treatment, or at least ten treatments for the effects to be long-lasting. However, for more complex diseases it may be necessary to repeat treatment to maintain results.