Moxatherapy is a kind of thermo-therapy. This method was created in ancient Mongolia - a country of severe winters. Mongolian doctors noticed that heat may have a medicinal properties. Moxa is a cigar made from dried plants Athemisium Moxae. It is advised for healing many diseases characterised by low loads of energy. Moxatherapy, along with acupuncture, is recommended for: indigestions, stomachaches, recurrent diarrhoea, poblems with giving out the urine, pains or tensions of muscles, neuralgia, some skin ailments (psoriasis, sclerosis, eczemas, albinism), joints and spinal pains and for some neuro-psychiatric disorders like inosmnia or neurasthenia. According to the medicine of the East, moxatherapy improves circulation of the Qi energy between then meridians and blood circulation in the whole body. Thanks to that the immune system is strengthened, pain relieved, proper functioning of the system is restored. It is also recommended as a complementary intervention along with acupunctue especially in the case of chronic illnesses, eg. The ailments of the uric tract or stomach disorders.