Medical balls

Medical balls have been known and used in the Eastern medicine since the very beginning of its existence. By creating vacuum, skin is sucked into the ball. As a result of mechanic reaction on the skin, nerves are stimulated and blood supply in a given area is boosted. Thanks to it, specific immunological reaction is induced in a particular area, which helps to fight with the sources of such ailments as inflammations, cramps or tensions which eventually results in relief.



Recommended for:

  • cold
  • bronchitis, pneumonia
  • bronchit asthma
  • radiculitis
  • paraspinal muscles tension pains
  • neurosis
  • intervertebral nerves inflammation

Not recommended for:

  • menstruation
  • pregnancy
  • fever
  • blood coagulation disorder
  • broad skin inflammation
  • arterial hypertension over 200mmHG (systolic)