Dr Sena

lek. med. Sainjargal Byambasuren (dr SENA)

The traditional Medicine of the East is thousands years old. It has survived for so long thanks to its enormous effectiveness as well as virtually lack of any side effects of the therapies. It resorts to the natural forms of healing and makes use of drugs of organic rather than chemicals origins. However, it does not denounce the conventional medicine. 

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About us

In our diagnosing and healing we combine the ancient traditions and experiences of the Eastern medicine with the scientific and technological achievements of the classic medicine. Acupuncture and other verified methods of healing used in the Eastern medicine are perfect supplements (and even replacements) for the classic treatment based on drugs. The European and Eastern methods cooperate and lead to one goal: healing the patient. Their combination enhances the chances for proper diagnosing and ultimate healing.

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Patients' opinions

  • In laboratory studies repeated excess of BILIRUBIN was found. That's all for the beginning. The period of several months of medicine care in the Gastrological Clinic at the Hospital Brudnowski I regard as wasted. Applied surgeries and pharmacological treatment gave no health results. Endoscopic bile duct cleaning turned my life into a nightmare called "pain". Successive surgeries as e.g. removal of gallbladder didn't alleviate my suffering. Assertions that after three months everything should return back to normal transformed into a method, which I can hear from the doctors up to now. Taking medicines and accurate diet are required from patients who suffer from this disease. 

    Andrzej Staniszewski

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