Therapeutic Massage

Eastern Massage - it is a combination of the acupressure (pressing specific points on the body) with other massage techniques. Massages are carried out by an experienced massagist. Massage as a method of healing was already known a long time ago. It came into being with other methods of traditional medicine. Adventurers who travelled to the Far East often wrote about wonderful effects of eastern massages accompanied with medical balls. Human body is an entity. By inclination, cooperation of organs exists due to a nervous system. Therefore no ailment should be looked at as a local process. Occurence of pathological changes in one place causes such changes to take place in a nervous segment responsible for that part of the body as well. Pathological changes which occur in internal organs, work through nervous system on muscles, tendons and skin. For instance: stomach or heart disease may cause tensions in equivalent to them places on the back. During the massage of skin and neuro-receptors an impulse is made. That impulse then sends information to the brain. From there it goes to the organs and tissues with one aim - to heal them. As an effect of this process, the right functioning of the changed by the illness place is restored. We perform medical massages on spine, head, neck as well as relaxing massages strengthening the backbone. Combining massage with acupuncture gives better effects.

Positive massage effects were proven in the following cases:

  • disposing of lymphatic stagnation
  • improving blood circulation and enlarging the volume of circulating blood
  • accelerating metabolism
  • expanding lungs ventilation and oxygenation
  • diuresis increase
  • increase in excretion from the body substances derived from nitrogen, uric acid, mineral salts ( natrium chloride, non-organic phosphorus),
  • stimulating thermoreceptors which increase body temperature
  • increasing the amount of red cells and haemoglobin in a peripheral blood
  • deactivation of lactic acid and uric acid after intense trainings
  • improvement of digestive tract functioning,
  • soothing effect
  • decreasing or even total elimination of muscle pains
  • increasing weight and muscle power.


  • puss and mycosis skin inflammation
  • severe respiratory tract inflammation
  • infected wound
  • throat infection