Head and Neck Massage


The energetic meridians of human body, which represent particular organs, meet at the top of the head. It means that the head is the most imporant energetic sphere connected with all internal organs. So it is that stimulating the energetic points on the head not only aids the blood circulation but also speeds up the circulation of Qi energy. Brain, as the most important central nerve system, is also the most sensitive organ controlling emotions of positive and negative nature. Negative emotions cause stress in all muscles, especially in the muscles covering skull, muscles of the neck and the back.


Nowadays, emotions, stress and pressure are an every day burden. For this reason so many people suffer from various kinds of headaches, backaches or neckaches. The longer we keep going with tense muscles the quicker the disorder in brain circulation or dehidration of the vertebrae may occur. The disorder of circulation in brain may surface as headache, difficulties in concentration or even depression. The disorders in circulation in neck vertebrae or chest vertebrae cause changes, degeneration or even discopathy. The massages of head and neck are recommended not only in pain. They are a perfect relax for the overworked and nervous people. Find 20 minutes two times a week! Take care of your muscles and brain circulation and indulge yourself to a moment of relax! Come for a massage!