About us

In our diagnosing and healing we combine the ancient traditions and experiences of the Eastern medicine with the scientific and technological achievements of the classic medicine. Acupuncture and other verified methods of healing used in the Eastern medicine are perfect supplements (and even replacements) for the classic treatment based on drugs. The European and Eastern methods cooperate and lead to one goal: healing the patient. Their combination enhances the chances for proper diagnosing and ultimate healing.

Depending on the level of advancement of the ailment and individual case, we try to limit the usage of drugs and replace them with natural techniques. Having diagnosed the patient we set an individual programme: methods and diet appropriate for a given patient.
The tradition of the Eastern medicine is thousands years old. It has prevailed for so long because it is enormously efficient and, what is most important, its usage causes no side effects. The medicine of the East treats human being as a whole which results in quicker and better treatment results. A man is an entity and none of his organs can function on its own. A disorder of any of the organs immediately affects the functioning of the others. The Eastern medicine seeks and addresses the reasons of the ailments, not only their effects.
We invite you for a uniqe diagnose by the pulse - used for ages in the Far East. It is a detailed test which allows to pinpoint the very first symptoms of the illness as well as the disorders in functioning of the internal organs. Thanks to that, necessary treatment can be applied soon enough not to allow the sickness to advance.